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Lanie and Jude (2/?) - Leaves

So…this is the second in a collection of picture-inspired drabbles…some might be just a few lines long, others might be a bit longer. These pictures were taken from Jude’s camera - he always said Lanie was one of his favorite people to photograph.

Disclaimer - Jude Whittaker belongs to the all-powerful master of the universe, Miss “Mama” CP Coulter :)

"Just go sit over there."

"Jude, do you see this romper?" Lanie protested. "Satchel will absolutely KILL me if I get it all dirty. Plus, leaves and bare legs?" She shook her head. "Major no."

Jude rolled his eyes, pulling his camera out of his bag and glancing around the park. There were kids squealing as they slid down the slide at the playground, their joy echoing throughout the park and setting an overall tone in the air.

"I’m not photographing children again, Lanie. The Hartmans’ three demons were more than enough for the week. Sit in the leaf pile."

The mention of Joe Hartman’s family was enough to momentarily stun Lanie, and Jude took advantage of his upper hand to guide Lanie over to the leaf pile and set her down. The rough feel of the leaves jolted her back to her senses, and she stuck her bottom lip out at Jude as he flipped his camera on.

"Real mature. Just think about sexy Joe Hartman and look at the cute children. Give me a smile."

Lanie was planning on sulking, but a particular adorable pair of twins chasing each other around the swings broke her resolve, and she heard Jude’s camera click as she smiled. As payback, she stuck her tongue out for the rest of his shots.

"You know, that was a great one. One of my favorites, I think."

"Can I get out of the leaves now?"

She didn’t like that mischievous look the second it entered Jude’s eyes. She liked it even less when Jude set his camera down, but couldn’t stop herself from giggling as Jude tackled her into the leaf pile. Jude’s weight pinned her to the leaves, and she threw herself to the side, shoving him off her and sending him rolling.

"You dork," she laughed, lounging back into the leaves since, hey, the outfit was already messed up.

Jude rolled onto his side, grabbing his camera again and dangling a handful of leaves above Lanie’s head. She squeaked as he dropped the first handful onto her face.

"Jude!" She was plucking leaves out of her hair when she popped her eyes open to see another handful of leaves hovering above her head, Jude’s face hidden behind the camera held by his other hand. "Jude…"

"Oh hush, it makes a great picture," Jude teased before dropping the leaves again.

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