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Lanie and Jude (3/?) - Train Tracks

So…this is the third in a collection of picture-inspired drabbles…some might be just a few lines long, others might be a bit longer. These pictures were taken from Jude’s camera - he always said Lanie was one of his favorite people to photograph.

Disclaimer - Jude Whittaker belongs to the all-powerful master of the universe, Miss “Mama” CP Coulter :)

"Don’t you dare."

Jude lowered the camera slightly, smirking at Lanie from behind the lens. “And why not?”

"Let’s see. Because I’m wearing glasses and I just fell on my ass, maybe?"

Lanie glared as the camera clicked anyway, capturing an image she’d have to remember to destroy every copy of. But she couldn’t stay mad when she heard Jude’s laugh.

"Anger’s a good look on you, Lane."

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